Exploring the Historical Sites of Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol is a captivating destination with plenty of attractions to explore. From ancient castles to stunning water theme parks, this region of Spain is packed with dazzling attractions. On this tour, you'll explore the unique landscape near the small town of Ronda in a 4x4 buggy, visit the Colomares Monument, Sohail Castle, Estepona Orchid, and Molino de Inca Botanical Garden. Immerse yourself in history and discover the incredible architecture, history and culture of this magnificent city.

The Costa del Sol is brimming with natural beauty and amazing landscapes, such as the unique Tajo de Ronda gorge. On this tour, you'll explore the unique landscape near the small town of Ronda in a 4×4 buggy. The route covers a 25-kilometer (15.5 mile) route that includes visits to the historic center of Ronda, the extraordinary bullring and the city's iconic Puente Nuevo bridge. After enjoying the spectacular views of the city, you'll run through the deep gorge and discover rugged territory that most vehicles can't access.

Photographic and video images from GoPro cameras will be available after the tour is over. All equipment is provided on this tour and each adventure can be customized to your preferences. The Colomares Monument is now a landmark dedicated to the life of the navigator Christopher Columbus. Completed in 1994, this attraction is now the largest monument in the world dedicated to the explorer and tells the story of his famous travels. With its unique blend of Romanesque, Byzantine, Gothic and Moorish architectural styles, the monument is a wonderfully picturesque attraction.

Perched on a hill at the mouth of the Fuengirola River, Sohail Castle is an old monument overlooking the mountains of the Sierra de Mijas. The castle has been on this site since 1485 and has been a strategic observation point for many ancient civilizations, including the Phoenicians, Romans and Moors. Restoration work began at the end of the 20th century to reflect the long defensive history of the fortresses. Today's visitors can stroll through the outdoor auditorium, stand in the shade of the square towers, and tour the small museum. The castle also hosts many cultural events throughout the year, such as the Fuengirola City Festival, the Medieval Market and the Beer Festival. While three enormous glass domes of Estepona Orchid are very impressive from outside, inside these spheres 5000 plants flourish in vibrant paths and speckled glens.

This amazing collection of plants contains around 1,300 species of orchids and is one of Europe's largest collections. The self-guided trail includes signs in Spanish and English to describe this incredible variety of plants inside these domes. Ride an electric tuk-tuk through Mijas' impressive Andalusian town. This quick 45-minute tour highlights Mijas' beauty with its traditional white-painted city and surrounding landscape. With a local guide as your driver, you'll visit iconic places such as medieval city walls, bullring and church while learning about local history.

As your tuk-tuk climbs winding hills you'll enjoy magnificent panoramic views of Costa del Sol. There is an excellent visitor center at Molino de Inca Botanical Garden where you can learn more about how they were made and there is a brochure that guides you through this site explaining more about it. This family-friendly attraction is Costa del Sol's largest water park close to Torremolinos' center. On outskirts of city there is an extraordinary historic site with three prehistoric burial chambers that date back 5,000 years ago. They are UNESCO World Heritage Site because they are one of Europe's most notable architectural works from prehistory and one of most important examples from European megalithic. This route takes you away from crowds and takes you through some fascinating historic sites such as three famous bridges, old minaret from Arab era, impressive 18th century palace, remains from Arab baths from Nasrid period and old city walls. The interior of church is full of beautiful works of art including delicate 17th century choir seating designed by Luis Ortiz completed by renowned wood carver Pedro de Mena. Discovering Costa del Sol's historical sites offers an unforgettable experience for all ages! From exploring rugged terrain in a 4x4 buggy to visiting ancient monuments like Colomares Monument or Sohail Castle to admiring exotic plants at Estepona Orchid or Molino de Inca Botanical Garden to riding an electric tuk-tuk through Mijas' Andalusian town - there are plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained! Plus, don't forget to check out three prehistoric burial chambers that are part of UNESCO World Heritage Site!.

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